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Facebook Failure Infographic


I love infographics and this one in particular, which came out today, about Facebook really made me smile. With all the talk about the new Facebook Timeline and miserable new app, WordStream decided to come up with a Facebook Failure Infographic.

They’re calling it “Facebook’s Wall of Shame: Facebook’s Criticisms, Missteps and Outright Failures”. (Click to enlarge.)

Facebook Failures [ Facebook Infographic ]

As you can see, they covered the privacy snafus, the new Timeline, the ticker, Facebook Deals, iPad app, Facebook Places and on and on. It’s definitely a fun read for those of you who have been active on the social networking site for awhile. I felt as if I was taking a trip down memory lane.

They end the infographic with “What will Facebook fail at next”? What do you think they’ll fail at next?

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