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Win a Full Access Pass to BlogWorld LA!


ReelSEO is giving away TWO Full Access passes to the upcoming BlogWorld & New Media Conference in LA.

Prize Details

2 grand prize winners will receive a full-access pass to the 2011 Blogworld New Media Conference in LA and the Social Media Business Summit, November 3rd-5th. Each pass is worth $1297. The pass includes:

  • Access to all keynotes and conference sessions on Thursday, Friday & Saturday.
  • Access to exclusive Social Media Business Summit 3-day conference track.
  • Access to everything, hence the “full-access” 🙂
  • More information can be found here.

Contest Instructions

To enter the contest:

  1. “Like” their Facebook page
  2. Submit your best video tip, via video. Your “video tip” can be about any advice you have regarding web video – Just a tip that you think most people doing video, should know.

Two Grand Prize Winners

ReelSEO staff will pick 2 grand prize winners:

  1. Best video tip, regardless of the video submitted (you can still win even if you’re video isnt the best).
  2. Best video. Regardless of how good your video tip is, we will choose a winner based off who presented their tip best using video as the medium.

You’ve got two changes to win and there’s no reason not to take a shot. Winners will be announced in the afternoon of the 24 of October. Good luck

The contest ends on October 21, 2011 @ 11:59 pm (PDT) so enter NOW.


  • Linda Sherman

    Nice Facebook reveal page using the WildFire app REELSEO. I see the video contest is also managed through WildFire. Would love to know what that campaign cost out at.

    Enjoyed watching the video tip example video by Mark Robertson.

    I do see that even though you say you will “choose a winner”, looking at the entries already in, I see that this is set up as a “You can vote for each entry once per day”. I would like to win this (who wouldn’t?) and I might find time to create a video but those daily, repeatable votes can be distracting. 

    • Mark Robertson

      Thanks Linda.  Actually, I spent some good time looking through video contest applications and wildfire was the best of the ones that I looked at for our budget, but there’s quite a bit to be desired.  The campaign costs ~$5/day but it’s the most basic options  (not a big budget on this one 😉

      We’d love to have a submission from you and you stand a good chance of winning.  We havent had nearly the response we’d hoped for…  i’ve certainly learned a lot about what to do and what not to do, as well as some strong product ideas for a platform that truley works for video.   Perhaps Ill cover this in my session.

      You know, Im going to change the voting right now to once per person period.  I had set it up that way as I was afraid the interaction wouldn’t be high as we could/should have left more time for the contest, and unfortunately, it hasnt had as much engagement as I would have liked..  Thanks for the feedback and I hope you’ll consider entering.

      • Linda Sherman

        Thanks Mark! It might just be me, but I wanted to let you know that the “click here to share” pop-up is preventing me from clicking through on “view entries” or “enter contest”. I know that I can go directly to your Facebook Page but not everyone who goes to the BWE page will.  Again I am grateful for the opportunity to watch you make your way through this process. Thank you for your encouragement to enter. I am now endeavoring to upload a video to the contest.

        I am recording this so that it might be helpful to others:
        I entered my details with a description of the video. Then Wildfire gave me a choice to upload from YouTube or Facebook. The video is already on YouTube but apparently they need to extract it themselves, so aside from the URL, they wanted my password which is also my Google password so I wasn’t that thrilled about giving that to them.

        I then attempted to load through Facebook following their instructions. There is a message that says “the Facebook privacy setting for your video must be set to ‘Everyone’ when uploaded.” I don’t see how that can be accomplished during the process. I think now this possibly referred to this setting on the Facebook privacy page: “Control Your Default Privacy: This
        setting will apply to status updates and photos you post to your
        profile from a Facebook app that doesn’t have the inline audience
        selector, like Facebook for Blackberry. My default was “friends” so that may have been the issue.

        I think I’ll try loading to Facebook first and trying again.

        • Linda Sherman

          Oh Wow. Just as I hit post for my comment above, the video finally posted on the contest wall. Just to add to my info – that took about 20 minutes for a 98.8 MB video. The confirmation from WildFire with links to your Facebook Page and website came through nicely.

  • Bernthis

    Where do I send the tip to?  I own a company that makes online videos for brands and am a well known vlogger and I would love the chance to go the Expo.  I’ll keep looking. 

    • Anonymous

      Did you “Like” their Facebook page above? Instructions are there … but please let us know if you have any other questions.

      • Bernthis

        I did “like” the page.I THINK I just uploaded it through Facebook but I can’t tell. The deadline is in an hour.  What do I do? How can I tell? 

        • Linda Sherman

          Unfortunately, it didn’t post.
          Voting for the  @BlogWorldExpo pass winner apparently ended with the deadline but commenting on each video is still available. As you can see here in the comments I have been attempting to feedback on the contest. We all need third party platforms for contests on Facebook and it is good to understand happens during the process so that we can help entrants through it.

  • Linda Sherman

    The last thing that happens is that at the time the Facebook based contest ends – I imagine the end of the judging period which was today – the links that people shared to their walls with compliments to my video and a link to the contest – to http://wildfireapp.com/website/302/contests/160279/voteable_entries/34104966 – now go to a message that says:

    “We couldn’t find what you’re looking for. We’re currently investigating what went wrong here. We’ll be back shortly. Check for status updates. Go back to the previous page”
    It would be much better if it said something like. ‘This contest has ended. Hope you join the next one!’ Or something like that. When I click on “check for status updates” it goes to: http://twitter.com/#!/wildfirestatus.

    I hope that the Wildfire system saved the 9 comments that I got because they were all really nice. And my posters were kind enough to take the extra step to make sure that their Facebook avatars showed up.

    I do appreciate any company that manages these third party contests needs to work with a third party API and there must be many challenges here.  I don’t mean for anything I have chronicled here to be critical of Wildfire just what I hope is helpful feedback for the future for them and other companies that run Facebook based contests. And of course if we want to run contests on Facebook, based on Facebook TOS, we must use a third party app.

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