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Jim Kukral on How Self-Publishing is a Game Changer for the Publishing Industry


To say that the publishing industry has changed over the past few years is an understatement. People have gone from curling up in a chair and reading a newspaper or book to getting these same experiences through their smartphone, tablet, and other digital devices.

Another big change in the publishing industry, and specifically with book publishing, is the growing trend of self-publishing. Jim Kukral, the CEO of Digital Book Launch, is an advocate of self-publishing because it opens up so many mor eopportunities for writers.

Interestingly, Kukral didn’t see the full power of self-publishing until after he had a book traditionally published.

“All the things that needed to make the book a success, I was really in control of,” he pointed out.

He also developed an interesting monetization strategy by using crowdsourcing to pre-fund his books before they’re even written. He started this campaign around a month ago and has already raised over $20,000, which is a pretty powerful plug in favor of self-publishing.

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