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Zynga Announces New Facebook Games


Are you ready to get even more addicted to Facebook and spend even more time playing games on the social network than ever? Well, you’re in luck.

The people at Zynga, who are responsible for popular Facebook games CityVille and FarmVille, announced a bunch of new games.

The announcement came from their Zynga’s Unleashed event held today (October 11) in San Francisco. Here are a few of the new games coming soon as posted on Zynga’s blog:

  • CastleVille joins the “Ville” franchise – “Enter a rich medieval world with an engaging storyline, just a touch of fantasy and memorable and playful characters”
  • Zynga Bingo – “We’re talking friends, fun, and the indescribable but oh so awesome feeling you get when you hit it, before anyone else, and you’re the winner. BINGO!!!”
  • Hidden Chronicles – “Hidden Chronicles is about mystery, discovery, and a little friendly competition”
  • Dream Zoo – “Dream Zoo is our first zoo themed game that lets players collect some of the world’s most exotic animals”

For a more in depth look, as well as information about “Project Z”, be sure to check out their blog post.

It looks like there is a little something for everyone in their new list of games. Which one are you most excited about?


  • Brian Johnson

    I personally know that Zynga has been making some great apps and games on tablets and smartphones, so i will not be surprised if their Facebook flash-based games would also be as awesome as their mobile games. I’m actually kind of interested to check out the first game mentioned above, Castle Ville, which looks like an awesome role playing game, based on your description. Maybe, i’ll try some of them when i have time to check my Facebook soon.

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