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Facebook’s New Hybrid News Feed Causes Low Impressions for Facebook Pages


Have you noticed impressions are down on your Facebook page? I sure did and it’s because of their new hybrid news feed Facebook introduced two weeks ago.

It was disappointing to see the numbers down, by quite a bit actually, but according to this new study by EdgeRank Checker, it might not be all that bad.

They did a two week study to see the effect the new news feed would have on Facebook pages and here is what they found:

  • Impressions down by -25.15%
  • Likes up by 9.43%
  • Comments up by 21.15%

So basically, while impressions may be down, this shows engagement is up – which is a good thing. You can read all about how they analyzed the data on their study here.

What’s their conclusion? It’s still too early to tell what long term effect will be.

Have you noticed your Facebook page impressions are down? And if that means more engagement, are you okay with that?

Honestly, I’ve seen the low impressions, but haven’t noticed an increase in comments or likes. Maybe I need to pay more attention to my Facebook pages and interact better with my “fans”.


  • Phyllis Khare

    I noticed the VERY low numbers on an account I Admin (iPhonelifemagazine).  We used to have over 1000 impression per post before the news feed change to an average of 95 impressions per post (they post approx 5-10x/day) after the news feed change.  So I took off the networkedblogs app and the impressions popped up to 1950+ impression PER post! With a *huge* increase in comments and Likes. So between the change in the feed, and removing the app the change is a big win for my client.

    • Lara Kulpa

      We saw a huge increase in engagement and post views after removing Networked Blogs feeding to our page as well. I think it’s interesting how facebook is choosing to encourage real, human engagement and conversation!

    • Meagyn Flores

      I think I removed networked blogs quite a while ago, so I don’t think that will work for me, but I do have a Twitter tab pulled in, I wonder if that would have the same reaction?

  • Meagyn Flores

    I too have seen a drastic reduction in impressions, as everyone else has, and it sound about right that something like this would occur in the event of the new hybrid news feed.  Although recently I have heard that the ‘real’ issue is a Facebook bug, smiliar to the one that occurred earlier this year: links & images are not being pushed out to the news feed (especially when referred from a 3rd-party app like hoosuite, seesmic etc..) for some reason, BUT pure status updates are infact appearing, and this is a bug they are working on fixing.  Actuall, my page is reflecting this as well. The last pure status update I sent Oct 7th had 520 impressions, and EVERY POST SINCE has received less than half that. And every post  since has also included an image and link of some sort. I have posted another pure status post just to see if I can recreate the issue. I guess we will see!

  • lindsaydicosmo

    If I “like” a “Page”, I expect to see ALL of their updates in my news feed and I DO NOT! This is ridiculous. I even took time out and made a list specifically for Pages I liked and STILL am not seeing ALL pages in the feed! I have to go to each pages wall to be updated? It’s ridiculous. Everything was fine before the changes a few months ago. FB NEEDS TO GET WITH THE PROGRAM and not fix it if it ain’t broken! Sincerely,One of many ANNOYED fb users.

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