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All URLs on Twitter Now Automatically Wrapped with t.co


A few months ago, Twitter started shortening all URLs tweeted, but kept the domain name in tact. Twitter announced yesterday that all URLs are now automatically wrapped with t.co.

“Tens of millions of links are tweeted on Twitter each day,” the company says. “Wrapping these shared links helps Twitter protect users from malicious content while offering useful insights on engagement. All links submitted within tweets and direct messages, regardless of length, will eventually be wrapped with t.co.”

A few bugs have been noted by Twitter users and the company is looking into it.

One person noted an advantage of the t.co wrapped URLs saying, “This may be an unintended outcome, but web analytics apps will know accurately reflect traffic that comes from tweets (by viewing referral visits from the t.co domain). This is really going to help web site owners understand the value of Twitter and tweets. Yay!”

Did you notice the change and what are your thoughts on it?

In other Twitter news, the company has settled the lawsuit and officially have control over the “tweet” trademark. Twitter and Twittad have been in a legal struggle over this trademark for years and the courts ultimately sided with Twitter.

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