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WordPress Releases Retro Mac Theme in Honor of Steve Jobs


The internet was in full force yesterday honoring the life of Steve Jobs. From his best quotes and his 2005 Stanford commencement speech, to the way he changed technology forever. It was inspiring to see the different ways people chose to highlight his life, his legacy and keep the memory of him alive.

Boing Boing gave their front page a new look yesterday, which I thought was fantastic. It had the nostalgic classic Mac look we all know so well. Now WordPress has taken note and created a free Retro Mac theme.

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg commented on the design saying, “Yesterday one of the tributes I noticed was the website Boing Boing switched their theme to one reminiscent of the original Macintosh interface, one of the several times Jobs would make a ding in the universe through his work. It seemed fitting, and we wanted to make it available to all of you, so our theme team worked through the night and here it is”.

Here’s a description of the Retro Mac theme:

A whimsical homage to the days in black and white, celebrating the magic of Mac OS. Dress up your blog with retro, chunky-grade pixellated graphics to evoke some serious computer nostalgia. In all its remembrance and respect, Retro MacOS also supports recent functionality. Read on to learn more.

You can download the theme here.

Do you have a favorite way Steve Jobs was honored yesterday? Let us know in the comment section below.


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    This is a really great way to honor all that he has done for the world of technology.

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    This is a really great way to honor all that has made a world of technology.
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  • 777 Icons

    I know, Mr. Steve is very happy of this wherever he is. He is always the best! I hope Apple can still make wonderful gadgets and cool icons for windows in iPhone even though Mr. Steve Jobs passed away. Rest in peace

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