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Digital Broadcasting Track Announced


We’re very excited to announce our Digital Broadcasting track.  Track Leader, Paul Colligan, describes what’s in store:

The Digital Broadcasting sessions include:

  • The Rise of the Social Video and The Opportunity Bloggers
    Speakers: Mark Robertson
  • Integrity in the Streaming Ad Buying Process
    Speakers: Jim Louderback
  • So You Want to be in Pictures. The Tools, Tricks and Art of Visual Storytelling
    Speakers: Marla Schulman
  • YouTube Partners: The Success Panel
    Speakers: Ed Dale, Don McAllister
  • My Video Toolkit for Getting Seen on Social Media Outposts
    Speakers: Steve Garfield
  • Reviews Are the New Advertising
    Speakers: Julie Perry
  • Don’t Let Your Content Get You in Hot Water
  • How YouTube Can Make You Rich And Famous (For the Long Term)
    Speakers: Gideon Shadwick
  • King of All Media (Young Turks)
    Speakers: Cenk Uygar

Learn more about BlogWorld LA and register Here!

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