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New Research Shows Tablet Owners Love Their Tablets


It’s no secret that Tablets are making a huge impact on society and technology use in general. A new study from GfK MRI’s iPanel proves that fact.

The use of the Tablet is changing how much consumers use video game consoles, read books and newspapers, as well as how often they use computers. Here’s a chart which shows what activities are done less as a result of owning a tablet.

As you can see, 59% of Tablet owners say they use a video game console or handheld device less often, 44% of Tablet owners say they read printed books less often and 42% say they read hard copy newspapers less often.

Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be having too much of an effect on activities like going to the movies, playing sports or hanging out with friends and family.

“The fact that a majority of game-playing Tablet owners report using a video game console or a handheld video game less often as a result of owning a Tablet does not necessarily mean they are playing video games less often,” said Risa Becker, VP, Research at GfK MRI.  “But it does suggest that Tablet owners are moving their gaming from other devices to the Tablet.”

For those of you who own a Tablet, what activities do you notice yourself doing less of? Also, do you ever write up blog posts from your Tablet?


  • Brian Johnson

    Thanks for sharing this Julie. 🙂 I think it’s amazing to see how tablet has created such a massive impact to the way we’re living today. Used to be, we must subscribe to newspaper agent in order to get the latest news every day, or read magazine in order to keep up with the trend, or read tangible books in order to keep our mind fresh all the time, or watch movies in theater in order to see the current hottest movies in the world. But thanks to tablet, we no longer need to do those things anymore. That’s why, it’s no-brainer that tablet owners will definitely love their tablets.

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