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Disable Comments & Lock Posts Before Sharing on Google+


Ebby Amirebrahimi, an engineer on the Google+ sharing team, announced yesterday a new update for Google+ users.

One of the most popular features on Google+ is the ability to disable comments and lock posts to make sure no one re-shares it, but this could only happen after you posted.

Thanks to this new update and feedback from the Google+ community, you can now lock down and disable before you share to your Stream.

The team’s goal at Google+ is to continue to add features like these, which will help their users feel more secure about sharing on the new social network. He also shared they will continue to listen to feedback, as well as roll out new features in the coming weeks.

Here’s a video with Ebby of the announcement.

Do you find this new sharing feature useful and are there any other features that make sharing more secure you would like to see added?


  • Nadeem

    Google+ must take strict actions against fake accounts of innocent girls. I have left using facebook due to this reason.

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