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Which Sites Did the Latest Google Panda Update Hurt & Help?


Have you noticed a change in your blog stats? If you have, it could be due to Google’s latest Panda update – which is designed to help improve the quality of search results for users.

It’s always interesting to see which sites the updates hurt and which ones they help.

The latest data from Searchmetrics shows the sites that were hurt include prnewswire.com, consumeraffairs.com, as well as technology blog The Next Web.

Who received the most help after this Panda update? YouTube and Android.com – which are owned by Google – saw a 10% increase. Zappos and the Washington Post also saw some help after the update.

These latest updates are definitely raising some eyebrows when the top site to receive a jump in help was Google owned YouTube. But should this be questioned? Does the jump point to the significance of videos or do you feel Google is showing favoritism?



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