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Public Launch of Facebook’s Timeline Has Been Delayed


The first date we heard, September 30th, for the public launch of the new Facebook Timeline has come and gone. Why the delay? Have you heard of Timelines.com?

You might have seen or read about the small Chicago-based company Timelines.com who have asked for a restraining order against the new Facebook Timeline, saying that it threatens their business.

The judge denied the order, but has asked Facebook to report how many users have signed on for the new Facebook Timeline under the developer access.

As of now it looks like that number may be around 1.1 million.

Representatives from Facebook and Timeline.com will meet again in front of a judge, which is delaying the public launch of the new Timeline until at least Tuesday, sources say.

Facebook has not issued a statement as of now.

Did you sign on  for the Facebook Timeline under the developer’s access? I know a lot of my FB friends did.

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