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2 Minutes of Jay Baer: How Much Do You Open Your Kimono?


Session: How Much Do You Open Your Kimono? Does “Thought Leadership” Cannibalize Your Ability to Monetize What You Know?
Speaker: Jay Baer

At BlogWorld LA, Jay Baer will be presenting on his topic in a kimono and hopes to have free laser pointers for all who attend his session. Definitely a reason to go!

Jay says he loves BlogWorld. Pick any hour of any day and you’ll find a dozen sessions, all worth going to. “If you want to learn a lot about a lot in our space, there really is no better place to go.”

Hear what else he has to say:

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  • DJ Waldow

    I absolutely LOVE Jay’s creativity and willingness to do a video … in his red robe. 
    Thanks for being awesome, Jay.

  • Anonymous

    Why does Deanna Brown of Federated Media look so angry and  perturbed in her photo for the keynote speech, perhaps a nice silk Kimono would cheer her up.

  • Nealcamp

    200 speakers. That is ridiulous overkill. Dozens of seminars and workshops at the same time.
    Unfair and again, overkill. You could bring the conference in at alot lower admission if you
    would only simplify. You’ve fallen in love with your organizing skills. Back off.

    • Deb Ng

      Hi Nealcamp,

      I wish my organizing skills were more organized!

      The truth is, our conferenence is for all types of content creators and we have different people to appeal to. For example,  a lot of the same issues parent bloggers are facing aren’t relevant to travel bloggers, or the folks who are into video or podcasting.  New Media encompasses a vast range of content and we do our best to represent it all.

      We don’t bring in 200 hundred of the best people in each niche to be the biggest (though we hope we’re the best!), we bring them in because each is relevant in a particular niche. We also face criticism when a particular niche is underrepresented.

      Our attendees tell us they come to BlogWorld because it’s so content rich and that we place education above parties.  We work hard at making sure all of our attendees find value in our event. This year we even have hands on workshops, that go beyond the usual sessions in that attendees will have left the classroom having already put practices into play.

      I’m sorry you don’t see the appeal and thank you very much for your feedback.

  • Doug Kessler

    Great vid.
    We opened our own Kimono in the same spirit.
    And blogged about it:

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