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Bye Bye Firefox, Hello Chrome? The Race for Second Place


According to new data released by StatCounter, Google’s Chrome Web browser could possibly become the second most popular, knocking Firefox down to third place. The data also shows this second place, behind Internet Explorer, could happen no later than December.

Chrome’s popularity has been astonishing and growing rapidly since 2008. They just celebrated their 3rd anniversary.

ComputerWorld shares, “As of Wednesday, Chrome’s global average user share for September was 23.6%, while Firefox’s stood at 26.8%. IE, meanwhile, was at 41.7%.”

What’s the reasoning behind the growth? You could say it’s because Chrome is more user-friendly and so naturally people will start to flock or you could say it’s because it’s owned by Google. I am sure their TV ads are helping somewhat.

Mozilla did release a browser update, Firefox 7, which claims faster web browsing. Have you downloaded it and noticed a difference? Also, which web browser do you use and why?


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  • Grey

    “What’s the reasoning behind the growth?”

    Advertizing. TV ads would help somewhat like you say, billboards likewise in some countries, but the bigger factor I would guess is Google’s position as the world’s biggest online advertizer. Having 2 of the world’s 3 most visited website’s (google and youtube) to spruik on surely helps too. Paying software makers to bundle Chrome with their downloads is another factor.

    The point you make about Google Chrome being more user friendly is debatable. Maybe compared to older browsers, especially older IE, but among newer it comes more down to personal preference. Some would say Opera is more user-friendly and so naturally people will start to flock to it but the don’t. Why? Because Opera Software can’t put their product in front of people’s eyeballs like Google can. The same goes for other modern and arguable equally or more compelling browsers. They just don’t have the advertizing presence.

  • Sally Dill

    Excellent changes and I welcome Google Chrome! I used so many time in Firefox and still using Google chrome. I think it’s faster than others. Thanks! 🙂

  • Camille Anderson

    I’ve been using Chrome since its release.  I much prefer it over both Firefox and IE.  The only problem is a lot of my school websites (such as BlackBoard and WebCT) do not support Chrome, so I’m forced to “downgrade” myself back to FF or IE.  It’s unfortunate, but hopefully in the near future Chrome will support everything.

  • Sanaullah Baloch

    i just used both and i think google chrome is great but firefox is also good and very fast in other words i can say 50 50…..
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  • Anton Kravtsov

    I use Opera as my main browser. Its tabs with grouping and ability to turn on/off pictures/flash/etc. on the fly (with a button click) are the main features, which I don’t see implemented effectively in other browsers.
    I’ve retired Google Chrome after I noticed it had installed its 170 MBytes into Application Data of the current user… Hm, that’s a queer behavior!

  • dotnex

    nice post, but im just use chrome to open google account

  • Aderoy1612

    I’m Not Sure that Chrome will race Firefox at 2012. Its have Unic user.



  • ganar dinero

    Love Firefox
    .Super fast..tons of add-ons.. What not to love? I think it’s because Chrome is
    being side loaded with a lot of garbage you download now adays..Sneaky
    Google…sneaky but effective in the charts

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    I use Firefox to do my official work .I think it’s faster than other.Thanks for sharing this informative post with us.You have done a great job by sharing this post with us.Keep sharing with us.

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    I just love Firefox.This is more user friendly.It better in comparison to Google & chrome. Thanks for sharing this post with us.I like this .Keep in touch.

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    The race for the best Web browser can be brutal.Firefox keeps a tight grip on first place gaining even more speed with multiple version updates. Racers were turning in record laps in their brand new cars, the 5th version of Firefox .Firefox seduced the crowd with its new update policy. Users feel the need to have the fastest ‘Fox car available.

  • Zena

    According to be Firefox is best for official work. I  usually use this to do my official work.Its faster than others.Thanks for all the information.I feel that this is a very unique and rare information that you have managed to compile.

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    this is so nice that The Race for Second Place bat now Bye Bye Firefox bat soon Firefox will come back………..

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