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Social Networking Site Zooppa Crowdsources Creativity to Make a Difference


Social networking sites can be more than just reconnecting with old friends, sharing photos and what you’re up to at the moment. In fact, they can make a difference. A huge difference and that’s exactly what Zooppa is doing.

Zooppa is a social networking site of more than 120,000 creatives and they are sponsoring a contest for MatchingDonors.com.  New Line Media, 20th Century Fox and National Lampoon execs are also lending a hand after the MatchingDonors website helped change a life of someone close to them.

National Lampoon producer Alan Donnes owes his life to MatchingDonors.com. He received a kidney from a donor which he found using the website and now he is giving back to the organization by participating on a panel of judges for the MatchingDonors.com “Everybody Can Save A Life!” video contest.

The top three videos will be recognized at the Hollywood Awards Gala at the end of October. Not only that, but the video creators will earn film or assistant production credits on a project with one of the judges and win cash. Submissions can be uploaded at Zooppa through October 1.

Here’s a video clip about the contest.



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