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Twacked: When Good Twitter Accounts Go Bad [Infographic]


Veracode, a cloud-based application risk management platform, released a new infographic today – “Twacked: When Good Twitter Accounts Go Bad.” I’m sure you heard about USA Today’s Twitter account being hacked over the weekend, so this new report is definitely timely, as well as interesting.

The infographic gives details on the most recent and famous Twitter hacks, as well as passwords Twitter has banned (12345, naked, password – just to name a few). They also share interesting bits of Twitter news like the one time Justin Bieber posted his hacker’s phone number to his followers and his hacker received 26,000 text messages. Oops! Lesson learned?

They also included when a hack isn’t a hack. Meaning when you try to Tweet racy photos to a follower and end up posting it to all of your Twitter followers (a.k.a. #Weinergate).

As for those who have yet to be hacked like singers Taylor Swift and Shakira, they might want to beef up their passwords!

Here’s the Twacked: When Good Twitter Accounts Go Bad Infographic.

Twitter Infographic

Infographic by Veracode Application Security

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