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How Your Blog Can Change the World


Session: How Your Blog Can Change the World
Speaker: Kyeli Smith and Pace Smith

To dig deeper into how your blog can change the world, come see me and Kyeli present at Blogworld LA! Our talk is titled, unsurprisingly, “How Your Blog Can Change the World.”

There’s a lot of talk about how your blog can get traffic, make money, and participate in “the conversation.”

In this post, we’re going to aim higher. We’re going to talk about how your blog can change the world.

What does “changing the world” even mean?

Changing the world means making a real difference. It means adding meaning to people’s lives, not just adding to the noise. It means creating change, not just creating an e-book filled with rehashed content. It means encouraging people to improve their lives, not just encouraging people to click on ads.

Since you’re still reading this post, I know that you have a spark of inspiration that lights you up when you imagine changing the world with your blog. What is that spark that lights you up? What cause, what belief, what value do you care deeply about?

What’s your “why?”

Your readers don’t care about top-ten lists. Your readers don’t care about how-to tutorials.

Your readers care about your “why.”

Why are you blogging? Why do you care? Why do you get out of bed in the morning and sit down in front of your keyboard to write your heart out to strangers? What’s your spark of inspiration that lights you up?

I want to believe.

Useful content will earn you readership. Useful content can even earn you money.

But nothing will earn the devotion of your readers unless you give them something to believe in.

So it’s up to you to say something worth believing in. To be someone worth believing in. And to do that, you need to tell a story. Not just any story, but a story that’s authentic and compelling.

To make your story authentic, include elements from your own life. You don’t need to share intimate details about your personal life. You don’t even need to use your real name. You do need to write about what’s meaningful to you — to share your authentic feelings.

To make your story compelling, include a mystery, a struggle, and a resolution. Show, don’t tell.

And in the spirit of “Show, don’t tell,” I’ll stop telling you what makes a compelling and authentic story, and I’ll show you a compelling and authentic story.

The Parable of the Lonely Blogger

Once upon a time, there was a lonely blogger.

The blogger wrote and wrote, and yet no one listened.

The blogger left home and journeyed far and long to the mansion of a rich man, and asked him for advice.

“Monetize!” said the rich man. “Advertisements! Product placement! Features! Benefits!”

The blogger returned home, and worked and worked, and wrote and wrote, and still no one listened.

The blogger left home and journeyed farther and longer to the home of a famous author, and asked her for advice.

“Publicize!” said the author. “Schmooze! Public relations! Know the right people!”

The blogger returned home, and schmoozed and schmoozed, and wrote and wrote, and still no one listened.

The blogger left home and journeyed even farther and even longer to a monastery, and asked a wise monk for advice.

The monk asked the blogger, “Why have you journeyed this far and this long? Why do you keep writing and writing?”

The blogger returned home, wrote down the answer to the monk’s question, and posted it.

And people started listening.

Hear a bit more about Kyeli and Pace’s topic and why they are pumped to attend BlogWorld Expo L.A. in November:

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Pace Smith is the co-leader of the Connection Revolution, where she teaches idealists how to change the world through connection. She speaks, writes, and teaches workshops to foster understanding, healing, empowerment, authentic communication, and personal growth. (She’s @PaceSmith on Twitter, where she posts far less than Kyeli.) She’s happily married to Kyeli, her partner in life and in business. She loves to play Dance Dance Revolution and carries a spare spleen with her everywhere she goes.



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