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Does Facebook’s New Locked Search Bar Signal a New Design is Coming?


Some of you may have noticed there’s a slight change on Facebook that appeared yesterday. The search bar at the top is now locked and stays with you as you scroll down the page. Before, the search bar just stayed at the top and you didn’t see it as you scrolled down.

The change keeps important information like notifications, friend requests and messages on the left accessible, as well as Home, Profile and Account on the right. Both Twitter and Google+ have the same design, which is one more way Facebook seems to be trying to follow the lead and keep an eye on the features of their competitors.

According to Inside Facebook, they believe this new design tweak could be a signal a new design is coming, which would be unveiled at Facebook’s F8 conference next week. They think this is a slight change to get users ready for changes in the news feed.

I noticed the locked search bar on my Facebook account. What about you and what do you think about the slight change, that might actually be leading up to a bigger change?

Image: Inside Facebook



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