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Why Authors Need a Blog


You might be asking yourself: With all the research, outlining, book proposals, actual book writing, and then revisions, why on earth should I spend my precious time blogging?

Because you want to sell your book.

It’s been said that 7 out every 10 Americans want to publish a book. If this number includes you then you’ve got to build a solid social platform that will appeal to publishers. Even if you plan on publishing independently, you’re going to need a thriving social platform that’s been built over time. As I’ve been dipping my toe into the giant ocean of authors and publishers for the Literally Social podcast, I’m discovering a common theme: successful, influential, best-selling authors all have a strong, multi-faceted social media platform that’s been built over time. Blogging is the foundation for that platform.

But why do I need a blog?

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr,  and TypePad are all great social networks. They all function as micro-blogs, too. There are 2 major problems with trying to build your social platform on these light-weight social webs, however:

1.  Social Networks don’t belong to you. If any one of them changes their terms of service, or goes virtually extinct, your influence there can become extremely limited.

2.  Social Networks aren’t extensive enough to give people a real idea of who you are or what you write about. People want to get to know authors today more than ever. And they want to know what drives writers and where they get their inspiration. Social networks only provide a fleeting glimpse into who you are and what your writing is all about.  Blogs give you an opportunity to share all your posts, an about page, a media kit, testimonials, and more.

Next time we’ll discuss your best options. And it won’t hurt or be expensive. I promise. 😉

Are you an aspiring author or have you already published a book? Please share your best advice and experiences down below.

Have friends, colleagues, or clients who are looking to get published? Please share this first in a series of posts to save them innumerable hours and frustration as they work on building their social platforms.

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  • Heather Solos

    I was lucky enough to be contacted for my book deal through my blogging. Having a platform in place illustrated to my publisher that there is a market for my voice and topic. I just learned last night that it’s been picked up by Target (sorry, in a bragging mood) and I know that none of it would have happened if I hadn’t invested the time and energy into my blog.

  • SelenaBlake

    It’s been my experience that authors need a blog like they need an agent…no one needs a bad one. I’ve spent many hours building a platform via twitter and facebook. I’ve spent less time driving visitors to my blog. That’s slowly changing, for some of the reasons you mentioned. But I think that a poorly constructed, seldom updated, dull blog can do more harm than good. 

    A lively blog with fun topics, photos, and a hint at the author’s voice can really help an author’s platform. But such a blog takes serious time (oh, the time!) and effort. I can always tell which bloggers really put time and thought and effort into their blogs. Their posts are polished. There’s a cadence to their posts. 

    I think each author must decide for themselves if having a blog (in the traditional) sense melds well with their promo plans, time constraints, and lifestyle. A page of articles, letters to the reader or a good newsletter can suffice. It’s important to know what you want to achieve from blogging: followers, comments, a lively platform to show agents and editors. I don’t think I’ve ever bought an author’s book just because I read his/her blog.I think what’s more important than a personal blog these days is guest blogging. One gets the benefits of blogging while constantly meeting new audiences. It’s my goal for the remainder of 2011 to guest blog once per week.

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