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Remember, Share and Discover Favorite Places with Jollyspot


Coming to the iTunes store on September 16th is a new free appJollyspot. It’s a simple formula:  Google Maps + Your Favorite Places + FB Social Graph = A Social Yelp.

With Jollyspot, you can remember, share and discover favorite places. Most people love to try a new restaurant or cafe, but we’re much more likely to try it if it’s been recommended by a friend. Find a new restaurant, bar, shop, hotel and site anywhere in the world by your friends who have been there and done that.

More about Jollyspot:

It’s simple. We don’t ask you to check-in, earn points or compete.  Discovering the best is not a game, it’s about being inspired.  The Jollyspot database is not pre-seeded with promotions or advertisements.  All information in the app. is populated by you and the people you know.  We believe that word-of-mouth recommendations from people we trust are more valuable than any guidebook, website or forum.

It’s about places you love. Whether spots are high-end or budget, Zagat-rated or hole-in-the-wall, we believe that they’re worth noting (and trying) because you or people in your network love them. It’s not about being premium, it’s about being relevant.

Details matter. Jollyspot aims to be more than just a list of places and reviews.  We believe that the details count.  Tips like the best time to visit a bar, the name of the owner, the best table, the dish that took you to nirvana.  These insights, shared between friends, make a difference.

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