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Facebook Testing New Summary Email Notifications


For those of you who are very active on Facebook, I imagine you receive multiple emails a day in your inbox from them. The company announced today a new feature they are testing – summary email notifications.

The message under the photo posted above says:

We’re testing a feature for people who are very active on Facebook and receive lots of email notifications from us. We’ll provide a new summary email and turn off most individual email notifications. If you want to turn them back on, there’s a control in your account settings.

The new feature, as they said in the message above, can be found in your account settings – but only for a small amount of individuals. If you receive dozens of friend requests or participate in several conversations a day on Facebook, you’ll find a daily summary of your activity much more manageable than an email per every action.

So- what do you think of Facebook’s new email notification feature? So far, 31,000+ “Like” it on Facebook!


  • Kavya Hari

    Facebook is one of the correct place to communicate with all the peoples in the wide. So, email notifications should be needed to the post. I would like to say thanks for given up here 🙂

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