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Discover the Hidden Profits In Your Community


Session Title: Discover the Hidden Profits in Your Community
Speaker: Michele Price

Your Profits Like Puzzle Pieces Scattered In The Wind?

Being able to discover, access and leverage your hidden assets within a community is one very powerful way to see the big picture and what makes it important – all in one visual.

One thing bloggers and authors have in common, they both create entertainment and education ( depending on your niche). Bloggers, if you are wondering what else you have in common with authors, you will find out in our session at Blogworld (it’s more than you think)

In times past, to create the successful path for a best seller, you only had to write a kick-ass book. That period is long gone and frankly had frustrations for established as well as new authors. Who knew that the book game would change in an instant.

Even publishers are still giving authors some “not so stellar advice” right now in how to sell their books.

So if publishers are still in the stone ages with how they operate, how can you expect them to be able to advise you properly so you are getting the best results possible?

What do you want your experience with publishing and selling your book to look like?

Why are you writing a book?

Before you “GUFF” at me, let me share the reason why I am asking you this. The most un-asked question of authors right now when addressing their Publicity, PR and Marketing strategies is…

“What did you want to accomplish by writing your book?

And while it might seem simple, you would be surprised how many cannot answer swiftly and succinctly.

If you answer is to sell books- DONG ( see the Gong Show Hook) here pulling you off the stage now.

Without knowing the “True End Game” what ever you put into place to get yourself seen, heard and publicized will be wasted money.

Ask me how many authors I know who have wasted their marketing dollars in trying to get proper attention for their books these past couple of years. It would have paid hiring me 1,000 times over.

Creating a best seller in today’s environment has shifted like a race car taking a hard right turn on the track in the rain.

How well do you drive on this new track of today’s readers?

  • Do you know if your topic niche readers like digital or paper more?
  • Do you know where they hang out online to talk about your topic?
  • Do you know where they gather face to face?
  • Do you know what they want to learn next?
  • Do you know how their interests have shifted over the year before?
  • Do you know whether they want another book or would they prefer an audio instead?

We will discuss these answers and much more at Blogworld LA on Nov. 3-5. You want to make sure you know them BEFORE you even think of writing that book.

Make sure you put Discover the Hidden Profits in Your Community on your schedule “must attend” sessions. ( A big surprise that day for someone attending).

“Come to BlogWorld L.A. and you’ll learn how to create better content, grow your brand, audience, and revenue online from the world’s most successful New Media content experts and Social Media innovators. More than 200 Speakers, 3 Days of Education and a Tradeshow Exploding with New Media Resources…plus great Networking Events too. Don’t miss it!”

Michele Price is the founder of Social Media For Smart People, a new media agency working with businesses creating branding relationships with bloggers, as well as implementing integrated & social media marketing for speakers and authors. Michele @Prosperitygal is the host of Breakthrough Business Strategies radio, Women in Business radio, and #Speakchat.

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  • Sherree W.

    Very interesting post Michele – you certainly have me curious about how things have changed for a writer wanting to be an author, and I’d love to know what else we bloggers have in common with authors.

    As a writer, it never occurred to me to ask myself “what did I want to accomplish with my book” (other than sales). That’s a great question.

    I’m doing my best to get to LA so I can hear you speak –  I want to know the answers to the rest of this!

  • Michele Price

    Thanks Sherree.  Asking questions that focus  on good business has been something that has allowed me to elevate my business and my clients.  Must thank Tony Robbins for it though, he is my inspiration from all the way back in 80’s.

    So looking forward to seeing you come to blogworld.

    See yourself being there every night before you go to sleep.  See yourself learning, meeting people and what it will feel like to connect with other bloggers and writers.  When you see it, you believe it and when you believe it , it happens.

  • Lois Creamer

    Great post! Filled with insight from Michele Price, a real thought leader in this area. My regret is I won’t be able to see her present at Blog World LA.

    • Michele Price

      AWE say it ain’t so!  I can see you and me on stage together.  We would bring down the roof!

      Now, I have a lot to live up to with that compliment, let me go get my wonder woman bracelets now.

  • Daydreamertoo

    I agree. Very interesting. I was reading a blog the other day about a man who states that real books will become history sooner than we think. He believes ebooks and ereaders will overtake real paperbacks in the not too distant future as ebook technology improves. He also said that one of his blog posters had just reached his 1st million in sales of his first ebook. and he states that people will then be cutting out the need for agents as they learn to publish their own works online. Of course, then it would leave having the audience and traffic interest enough to drive people to see their adverts to get the sales, but, the idea of self publishing ebooks is the way any author ought to be thinking about now, I know I am.
    So, I think anyone who wants to be published has to think of the rapid changing market of books and publishing and get on board. 

    • Michele Price

      While I agree with you, I also think that we will always have both to choose from.  The balance will tip the other way is all.

      The way people absorb and learn will not change the need for wanting to have a hard copy for some ( I am one 😉

      Yet, I do not allow my desire for enjoyment from a paper copy to keep me from moving forward with the needs of the reader and technology to help us (authors-bloggers) reach our desired audience.

      Will I meet you at Blogworld?

  • Ms Noni, PR Geek

    I like that advice starts with why exactly person is writing a book and then how it should be delivered. Goes along with this week’s #SpeakChat on Twitter. 5 Stars.

    • Michele Price

      Thank Noni, guess that shows you I stay on point in my message across multiple platforms chuckle.  We love having you participate in #Speakchat

      By you mentioning the “why”, reminds me when I was a young entrepreneur and I was finding myself making mistakes (because you know I do not make any as a older entrepreneur-hahaha) and I turned the WHY onto me.   You know that thing people do, beating them selves up with “Why” did this happen to me.

      What I learned was I was using “why” wrong.  The “why” is there to help me and you. When I/you use it to uncover the “what” I/we need to adjust in the process to get better results, then we are on the right track.

      Looking forward to meeting you at Blogworld.

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