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Twitter Hiring Engineers for Its Anti-Spam Division


Twitter posted a job today looking for full time software engineers in their anti-spam division. It sounds like the company is wanting to beef up their systems on identifying abusive content.

About this job via Twitter:

Twitter is looking for great engineers to build large scale systems for quickly identifying abusive content.  You should be excited about thwarting the ever-evolving tactics of attackers and helping to make Twitter a great experience for our users.  You’ll be working on a small team of talented engineers doing big things in the world of abuse detection and response.

When it comes to the biggest complaint from Twitter users, it’s the spam that is always present. I know I see it all the time in my DMs and @ replies.

Here’s what the team behind Twitter’s Trust & Safety Engineering are all about:

We’re a small, tight-knit group working on the frontiers of online spam and policy, and diligently defending the safety and privacy of our users.  We cook up anti-spam science, write tools for trust agents, implement policies on the product, and write services for abuse investigation and response.  We fend off attacks by performing real-time searches over data sets in the billions, and we take decisive action with extreme prudence.  Also, we sometimes go the zoo.

So – will you apply and have you noticed an over-abundance of Twitter spam lately?

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