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How to Make Massive Money During Q4 2011


It comes around the same time every year, yet so many of us just let the huge holiday cash cow craze pass us by. I know I’m guilty of looking at the coming 4th quarter of the year and always saying, “Next year I’ll be ready!”… but then I find myself in the same spot the next year, wishing I did more and was ready. One of the major problems with gearing up for the fourth quarter and all the big sales events, is knowing what to focus on. Instead of trying to make money off everything, you have a lot to choose from and focus in on.


One of the most exciting and profitable times of the year! Forget about the candy… everyone wants the costumes, and they are willing to shed out the big bucks to get them. Sure, there might be huge Halloween outlets stores in your area, but everyone is really flocking to do their research and buying online. Through the use of affiliate programs, you can simply create a resource web site or blog about Halloween costumes, then earn any where from 10-40% on all referred sales. Some families are buying all of their costumes online, which can bring in orders in the $200-$300 range! If you aren’t ready for Halloween this year, make sure your spook yourself into doing something next year!

Black Friday

If you didn’t have to wake up in the early morning hours to go to work, would you? It’s amazing what people will do to find discounts and deals during black friday. Standing outside of a store for days to find that perfect gift for just a few dollars cheaper. How are people finding the right stores to go to, and those most have deals? Easy… they are looking online. There is a massive amount of money to be made by having your own black friday deals web site. You can offer coupon codes and link directly to online stores… all earning you a commission on each signup or sale!


Even if everyone has spent all their money during Halloween and Christmas, they will do whatever they can to scurry up some extra money for Christmas spending. It’s the craziest time of the year and we are seeing better online revenue numbers every year. How long before you get in on the auction. Don’t worry about focusing on Christmas as a whole, but instead focus on the hot items and gifts that everyone is trying to buy. If you can’t find a direct affiliate program to earn commissions on an item, try looking at Target, Amazon and Best Buy.

New Years

Oh no! The year is over… there’s nothing to cash in on any more… NOT! Now you have New Years, when everyone is telling themselves they will look better in the new year, eat better and live a better life style. Sure, it may only last few a few weeks or a couple months at best, but it doesn’t mean people aren’t going to be spending a ton of money on weight loss methods, ways to quit smoking and so much more.

If you aren’t taking advantage of any of these massive opportunities in cash in during the next few months, you really need to look at your priorities. Even if you aren’t ready to dedicate a lot of time into something new, make sure you make an attempt, and it will make it that much easier for you to cash in next year!


  • Kritsana

    Great information to make strategy. It’s time to boost money up!

  • Christopher Knopick

    Nice post. Since I live in the land of BuySeasons.com (one of the online kings of the online costume industry and based in S.E. Wisconsin) the competition is a bit daunting, but I think I’ll see if they have an affiliate program.  Thanks for the advice.

  • Kavya Hari

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  • Kavya Hari

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