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GetJar Gold Launches Today, Offers Premium Android Applications for Free


There’s been quite a bit of talk lately about Amazon’s free Android app store and it looks like they may have a little bit of competition coming their way.

Third-party mobile application store GetJar is launching GetJar Gold today, which offers premium Android Apps for free.

The service has been in beta testing for the last month and is officially launching their service today. The launch will feature 50 free apps, including Fruit Ninja, Paper Camera, TuneIn Radio Pro, Solo, and Splashtop Remote Desktop. These ads are high quality, ad free and you can download them any time you want.

For those of you wondering how the relationship between the ad developers and GetJar works exactly, here’s an explanation from TechCrunch:

With GetJar, however, the company pays the developers for the applications on a per install basis, which ensures developers get paid. GetJar, in turn, generates revenue by offering sponsored listings within GetJar Gold to other application developers.

The post goes on to explain how the model is similar to Google Adsense where developers will bid on how much they are willing to pay on each install.

Check out the GetJar Gold service on the GetJar website, as well as their stand alone Android application here.

What do you think of the quality of free Android apps available and do you think this is some serious competition for Amazon?

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