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Design Student Sells Her Popular Blog Inhabitat, Staying On as Editor in Chief


Design student Jill Fehrenbacher started her green design blog, Inhabitat, in her spare time and never intended on turning it into a business. Little did she know how it would grow to the point where 6 1/2 years later she would sell it, for what I can only imagine, was a nice chunk of change. She announced this morning that Inhabitat has been acquired by Internet Brands.

Fehrenbacher describes herself as an “accidental entrepreneur” in a post she did this past spring about the story of Inhabitat.

She wrote, “For me the whole route to entrepreneurship has been surprisingly gradual and almost accidental. One day I started a blog, and then the next thing I knew, I was incorporating a business, using words like ‘cap table’ and reading management books. Yikes! What happened to the idealistic video artist of my youth?”

Just to give you an idea of how large this blog is, at the beginning of the year it had 11 million (yes, million) uniques a month and as of now has 15 million uniques. It’s 6 1/2 years old. Did I mention that already?

And now, almost 7 years later, she’s handing her baby over although will be staying on as Editor-in-Chief.

Here’s a snippet from her announcement post:

On this note, I am happy to announce today that Inhabitat is becoming part of Internet Brands, an LA-based media company that is a master of managing and growing niche websites like ours. With hundreds of talented employees and 85 million total readers every month, Internet Brands will be able to help professionalize our business and take Inhabitat to the next level in terms of technology, advertising, and most importantly, our editorial content.

How did she do it you might ask? Brick by brick she says: “There was never really one specific ‘big break’ that helped me get my business off the ground, but really more a series of ‘small breaks’ over a long period of perseverance that added up, brick by brick, to help me build the foundations of my business.”

What do you think about her success and the acquisition of Inhabitat? Does it inspire you to keep on blogging and working hard?


  • Theshannon5000

    Wow – that’s amazing! Clearly, something all bloggers strive for but few ever attain. Pretty incredible that she could start something so small and have it turn into something so great. There’s (a glimmer) of hope for us all! I get excited just when I see a few more page views per day on my blog! :/


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