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Introducing: The BlogWorld L.A. 2011 Monetization Track


I’m pleased to present you with the speakers and panelists who are making up our BlogWorld monetization track.  We’ve had a standing-room-only monetization track at BlogWorld every year, and as our experts have shown, the ways to make money online have truly evolved. In the beginning it was all Adsense and affiliate marketing, now today’s successful bloggers are finding more innovative ways to earn money through blogging. Many of the world’s most successful bloggers will be sharing their strategies with you at BlogWorld L.A.

The Credit Goes To…

Before we introduce the track, I’d like to give a special shout out to our Track Leader, David Risley. David made a name for himself as a very successful blogger and he was tasked with helping to shape the content for our monetization track first in New York City, and now in Los Angeles. He invited many of his friends in the business, as well as some rising stars.

BlogWorld Los Angeles 2011: Monetization Track

Jim Kukral

Turning One Billion Into 5 Billion – Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowlings Shows Us All How To Self-Publish & Profit

Yes, J.K. Rowlings is worth a billion dollars from her Harry Potter books. But did you know she has never released a digital book, ever? Well, she’s about to turn that one billion into five billion by stepping around the traditional world of publishing and taking her books direct to the consumer. Learn how she and others are redefining the self-publishing movement, and how their successes are opening the doors for you to self-publish and profit like you never have before. You don’t have to be an author to attend this session. This is for anyone who wants to learn the new rules of self-publishing.

Laura Roeder


How To Not Do Everything Yourself

I have an unorthodox method for building and running a team (no counting hours, no physical office, each person has FULL ownership over their own domain) that has allowed me to scale up my business fast while eliminating the tasks I don’t like or am just not good at. This workshop will be a completely candid talk about how to create the same experience in your business.

Derek Halpern

Not Getting Enough Traffic, Sales, and Subscribers? Here’s the Cure…

When you build a loyal audience of prospects and customers, you’ll notice that people line up to buy your products. If you’ve been struggling to build that audience, this session is for you. You’ll learn how you can optimize what you already have to attract more traffic, subscribers and sales. Additionally, you’ll learn the psychology behind why people share content, buy products, and subscribe to lists, and how you can take advantage of it.

Pat Flynn

How to Be Everywhere – Building a Profitable Brand by Thinking Outside the Blog

This presentation takes people through my own personal journey with blogging (something that is both education and inspirational) – a road map of how I was able to go from being laid off, to having one of the fastest growing and most popular blogs in the very saturated blogging and make money online industry.

I take a unique approach to building a brand that goes beyond the normal talk about SEO, guest posting and basic social media – an approach that is primarily content based with honest, in your face, extremely valuable free content. I have multiple examples of how giving away information for free has always come back many times over in income, subscribers and authority.

I will also present, with data, the importance of brand expansion (hence, Thinking Outside the Blog) – which includes brief utilizations and action taking steps with Facebook (my highest traffic generation site, by far), YouTube, Podcasts, and iPhone applications

I will also show how I make money without actually using any aggressive and traditional marketing tactics (e.g. a launch sequence, promoting via email, blog posts reviews, etc.) – I don’t do any of that stuff, but like I said I’ve been able to generate $20,000 a month just from affiliate sales on the SPI blog alone.

I will also mix in a little bit of lifestyle design, with a unique emphasis on the importance of family and what passive income, from blogging, has done for me and my ability to stay at home with my family – I know a lot of people who can relate better to this, as opposed to one who blogs and travels the world or is striving to be super rich.

Lastly, I will talk about (mixed in with all of the above) the importance of being honest and transparent online. Admitting mistakes and being real go a long way, I’ve learned, and people can connect with a blogger on a more personal level when it’s done.

Jennifer Wojcik

Infected: Social Sales and the Zombie Apocalypse

Based on the work of Richard Dawkins and expanded by Malcolm Gladwell, I will attempt to show how the concept of “memes” and “mind viruses” is very similar to a pandemic resulting in the zombie apocalypse.

The focus is narrowed to why companies and brands should harness the power of the hive mind in their social presence to encourage a somewhat passive, yet pervasive mental presence in their target audience. Essentially “infecting” them with an idea.

Since the goal of most companies that participate in the social sphere do so with the intent to SELL, I will attempt to show how this method can be more powerful than straight selling or simple engagement.

I will use historical case studies of brands that have achieved this level of infection and show how they reached “zombie apocalypse”.

I will draw parallels between desired end result for companies that participate in the social sphere and the ultimate goal of an infectious zombie agent: Brains.

Adam Baker

Your Blog is Not Your Business

For 18 months, I *poured* myself into my blog Man Vs. Debt. I had thousands of subscribers, a passionate community, dozens of comments on my posts, and recognition from many other people I looked up to. But I was lacking terribly in one area – the *business* side of things.

Day in and day out I focused on the small details of building up my “blog” (at least a little) – but completely ignored truly growing my “business.” A little over a year ago I finally realized… “Baker, you are running an online business – not just a blog.” And things started to change.

Over the next 30 days, I organized a niche sale with a new partner that brought together 20+ online entrepreneurs and sold their top business products for 90% off for a short time. In just 30 days of planning, we executed a sale that gross $189,000 in revenue and profited over $30,000 for myself.

This all happened because I stepped back and focus on my *real* assets and strengths. My blog was successful, but it wasn’t the core benefit I had to offer the world. Stepping away from my blogging-tunnel-focus has allowed me to build a six-figure online business, while *still* doubling the subscribers to my blog in just a few months.

I’ll show you exactly what led to my change (specific examples from my business and blog) – and the tangible steps you can take to analyze your own “blog” and “business.” Chances are, these aren’t the same thing.

Denise Wakeman & Rich Brooks

How Bloggers Can Package, Promote and Profit from Their Expertise

Most of us don’t realize how much expertise we’ve gained over the years, or that other people would be happy to pay to gain some of our insights to help them with their own life. Even if we do realize that, we’re not always sure how to package that experience into a knowledge-based product that we can sell over the Internet. In this session Denise and Rich will walk you through the process of recognizing your expertise, adapting your current content and creating a compelling package for that expertise, using web marketing and social media to reach your audience, and how to ultimately sell your knowledge product.

Johnny B Truant

Using Stories to Get Your Customers to Buy … Even if You Hate Selling

How can I sell if I’m no good at selling, or if I absolutely HATE selling… without being sleazy or like a used car salesman?

How can I “get into a reader or customer’s world” and show them that what I have may be the solution to their problem?

How can I “sell through my story” if I don’t think I’m a particularly great writer?


  • Lara Kulpa

    Dave did a fantastic job, this track is sure to be amazing! 🙂

  • Christopher Knopick

    Wow, I may have to come just to see this entire track.  The people that David lined up here are the cream of the crop and I can’t wait to hear what they have to say.  I know David set it up but is he speaking as well or just intro and transition?  See you there (I hope).

  • Yossi Barazani

    To all BlogWorld 2011 Monetization Track participants:

    We developed a new innovative way to earn money through blogging, and I’d appreciate your feedback and perspective about it. Basically it is like Google AdWords but without the ads. http://publishedin.com

  • Chris C. Ducker


    Its so fantastic to see so many buddies on this list. I’m getting excited to see some of these guys speak, myself!!!Dave – you rocked putting this list of very talented people together!

    See you all in LA.


  • DeniseWakeman

    I’m honored to be included on this list of presenters. I only hope our session doesn’t conflict with any of the others…I want to attend them all! Thank you @Davidrisley, excellent line up.

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