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Amazon’s New Site Designed Geared Towards Tablet Users


You may have heard that Amazon is about to launch a brand new site design. Some are reporting it will happen this month, some say by October and others say the new design is “TBD”. Who knows when it will actually launch, but we do know that the new design is definitely geared towards tablet users.

Here’s a look at the old site design.

And the new site design seen here. (Click on the new design to enlarge.)

As you can see, the orange and blue bar at the top are gone and it overall has a cleaner look. Amazon wants the new design to make it easier for users to find things, which explains the eye-catching search bar at the top. The new design also highlights products like MP3s, Cloud Player, Kindle, Cloud Drive, Android apps, Instant Video and audio books.

All of these changes definitely point to tablet users don’t you think?

Rumor has it that Amazon will launch the new site design the same time as their reported Android-based tablet, which is supposed to be a major competitor for the Apple iPad.

After looking at the before and after photos, do you like the new Amazon site design?


  • ganar dinero por internet

    Wow, an amazing header redesign. Useless story… It’s nice to see the
    login and user account information is still buried in the clutter. Still
    love ya Amazon.

  • fmillmd

    Dont like the new design, cant ‘my recommendations’ easily. Looks like a Saks catalog to me…

  • Brian Johnson

    Yeah, i kind of like this new design. It looks much simpler but more elegant than the old ones. It kind of reminds of Apple website, where they always highlight their best products on the homepage. I think this is not so surprising given that Amazon has insanely huge ecosystem that is fulled of people who really buy stuff in it. With that being said, than Amazon’s website is definitely the best place for Amazon to market their homemade products, like Kindle reader or Kindle Fire tablet. Last i heard, Amazon also has a plan to make its own smartphone in the near future. I bet it’s only a matter of time before we finally see that phone gets showcased on Amazon’s homepage website, along with Kindle Fire and Kindle reader as well.

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