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Chrome Turns Three Years Old Today, Happy Birthday Chrome


It was three years ago today (September 1st) that Google launched their Chrome web browser. How is Google celebrating this milestone? With an interactive infographic and a list of their most recent improvements to Chrome.

The interactive infographic was built in HTML5 and details the evolution of major web technologies and browsers. (It’s pretty darn cool to play around with if you ask me. )

Over time web technologies have evolved to give web developers the ability to create new generations of useful and immersive web experiences. Today’s web is a result of the ongoing efforts of an open web community that helps define these web technologies, like HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL and ensure that they’re supported in all web browsers.

Here are a few of the improvements made to Google Chrome over the last 12 months:

  • Faster and Faster
  • Simpler and more accessible
  • An even more secure platform
  • The Chrome web store
  • Delivering a new, simpler model for computing

We know this is just the beginning of improvements because Google hinted at it. They said to keep an eye on the blog “to hear about new features and performance improvements as we continue to ship stable channel updates every six weeks”.

Happy 3rd Birthday Chrome!

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