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Submit Your Comments on Facebook’s Privacy Policy by September 2nd


Facebook made many changes last week to its privacy policy and tagging options. The changes included features such as inline profile controls and approving or rejecting any photos you’ve been tagged in.

Facebook has been working on these new options for most of 2011 and now they want your feedback.

The Facebook Site Governance page lays out all of the changes Facebook has made to its privacy policy and on August 26th, they made a note asking for your feedback on the changes:

As part of our site governance process, you have a chance to review the proposed updates and give us feedback by commenting on them before they’re final.  Please review the proposed materials here.  You may submit your comments until 5:00 PM PDT on September 2, 2011.

As of right now, there are about 90 comments. Some of the comments are:

  • If they’ve considered having two level of friends, such as a friends and best friends
  • Disabling right click
  • Disabling the ability to see who is playing what Facebook game (several comments on this)
  • The ability to separate friends and family

If you want to get your opinion and comments in, do so before September 2nd. I’m actually surprised there’s only 90 comments.

What do you think of the privacy changes Facebook recently made and what else could they be doing better to protect our privacy?

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