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Delicious Creator Unveils New Project – “Jig”


Joshua Schachter, the founder of social networking service Delicious, has unveiled his newest project. It’s called Jig and it’s a site where you can post what you need.

When you go to the page, it simply says “I need” with a box for you to type your need into. As of right now, some of the requests at the top include where to buy silk suspenders in Berkley, CA and where to find a squash club in Nashville, TN.

Some are saying the site looks a bit like Twitter, but has a different focus. Instead of posting about what you are doing, you post about what you need.

From a first glance, it’s definitely very diverse in terms of what people are needing. I noticed quite a bit of spam and hopefully as the site grows, they will come up with a system to easily filter the spam out.

In the end, the biggest question right now is – how will Jig make money? I am sure Schachter already has that piece figured out. Here are a few upfront questions asked by Nova Spivack in regards to revenue.

Will users eventually be charged to post certain kinds of needs? Or is the idea to charge companies, for example, as they are asked to do when posting job ads in Craigslist? Or will there be some kind of reverse auction or group buying angle to this – when enough people have the same need they can pool together and negotiate for a group deal?

After you’ve had a chance to look over the site, let us know what your initial reaction is.

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