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Naked Pizza’s Witty & Fun Twitter Messages Attracts Investors


Do you have a start up company that could use some funding from investors? Or maybe you’re trying to figure out how to attract more customers. You might want to look into what Naked Pizza has been doing and try it for yourself.

What are they doing exactly? Showing some attitude and personality on Twitter, says the Wall Street Journal.

Naked Pizza is an all natural pizza chain that has used social media to its advantage and they’re having fun with it at the same time. Owners Robbie Vitrano and Jeff Leach have been tweeting humorous Twitter statuses like “first person to name their newborn superbiotic – free pizza for life!” or pointed tweets like “fast doesn’t make you fat”.

Their unique and fun tweets have attracted investors like crazy. They say they’ve received around 8,000 investment inquiries in the past year and a half, and they have their online presence to thank. About a quarter of these leads have resulted in funding for the company.

Out of frustration for the lack of funding for some of their restaurants, Mark Cuban (who was one of their few backers at the time) suggested they use Twitter to spread their message.

“We were a little weird and a little different,” says Mr. Leach. “We just put it all out there.”

Sounds like weird and different worked in their favor.

What are some unique ways you have seen other companies use social media sites like Twitter, and do you think they are doing a good job at spreading the message about their brand?


  • JudyHelfand

    This post and the Wall Street Journal article are timely for a project I am currently working on.  Thank you.  You might want to fix the typo Wall not Walt!


  • Julie Bonner

    @Judy – Oops! I fixed it and thank you. Can you tell I write about Disney related projects quite a bit? 🙂 I often type “Walt”! Glad you found this useful and good luck with your project. Be sure and let Lara, our community manager, know about your new project. Check our FB page for a note from her! https://www.facebook.com/BlogWorld

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