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28 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Creating Video Content


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This Week’s Topic: Creating Video Content

You won’t see me dishing out advice about video blogging…mainly because I’m still a little to shy to do it very often. If you search hard enough, you’ll find a few videos where I get in front of the camera, but for the most part, I’m happiest behind the scenes. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create video content. In fact, vlogs and other video content on your blog can actually spice things up enough to give you a good bump in traffic – and not to mention, if you’re good enough at it, there are also ways to monetize your video content.

So instead of someone who’s still a novice at creating video content trying to give you a bunch of tips, I decided to make this the topic of the week for Brilliant Bloggers. Check out what these much-smarter-than-me people have to say about creating video content:

Advice from Brilliant Bloggers:

The Best Tools for Creating Video Content by Brandon Yanofsky

This is a great post to check out if you’re brand new to video content and are unsure where to start. Brandon gives tips on finding the best cameras, lighting equipment, editing software, and more. If you explore his stie, you’ll also find some other posts about creating video content such as Why Should You Produce Video Content?. Brandon is on Twitter @byanofsky.

5 Common Misconceptions to Ignore for Video Content by Brent McCoy

Think you need to spend a lot of money on your videos? Or that they take to long to create? Think again. In this post, Brent covers these and some of the other common hangs-ups people have about making video. If you’ve been avoiding making videos, this is the post for you. After checking it out, you can follow Brent on Twitter @brentmccoynet.

How to Produce Video Interviews for Your Blog by Francisco Rosales

This is a really smart idea, especially for bloggers who can’t always make it to conferences and other industry events – and I love that Francisco gives a really simply step-by-step how-to (with pictures!), because I’m not the most technical person in the world. This post inspires me to get out there and do a few videos interviews – I really don’t have an excuse not to do them now! Follow Francisco on Twitter @socialmouths.

BONUS BRILLIANT BLOGGER: You should also check out the entire site Simple Vlogging Tips by Jendi (@jendisjournal) for an entire awesome site about creating video content!

Even More Brilliant Advice:

Did I miss your post or a post by someone you know about creating video content? Unintentional! Help me out by leaving a comment below with the link!

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  • Francisco Rosales

    Thanks for the nice mention Alli and a great post!

  • Jendi

    Thank you for the shout out. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you on video and you did good. I’m looking forward to going through your list about vlogging because I’m addicted to vlogging.

  • Erica Allison

    Thanks so much for including me among these folks! I’m excited to go check them out!

  • jesseluna

    Thanks for the kind mention, Allison! Great roundup, seeing that folks are often very timid when it comes to doing online videos.

  • Al

    Thanks Alli (and Eric A. for the RT)  Loking forward to these.  It has been suggested, that I do some videos for The CARE Movement.  Well, I CARE, so we are gonna give it a shot !

  • Millionaire Studio

    Thanks for including me in the list – glad to be considered a brilliant blogger!

  • Amani Channel

    Great post. I’ll definitely share some of these great links of http://www.webvideochefs.com!

  • CashFlowsToo

    @allison_boyer This is a marvelously helpful post.  Based upon this post, I will be shifting more of my strategy toward creating video content that is both relevant and helpful at http://CashFlowsToo.com.  I have been a Blog Zombie for years so good to you know have a site for it:-D I look froward to reading your work here at BlogWorldExpo and hopefully seeing your videos too.

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