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Video: I Just Texted to Say I Love You


We’re all a little social media and gadget obsessed aren’t we? Come on. Admit it! We’ve turned the words Facebooking and Tweeting into verbs. And yes, they’re both on dictionary.com. I checked. Facebooking (verb) – to communicate with (a person) or search for information about (a person) by using Facebook.

Break Media just uploaded a fantastic music video that I am fairly certain will go viral at some point today. It’s called “I Just Texted to Say I Love You”. It’s sung by American Idol contestant Elliott Yamin and stars actress Sarah Hyland from Modern Family and her boyfriend Matt Prokop from High School Musical 3.

It’s basically pointing out the fact that in today’s society, we’ll do anything to avoid face to face interacting. Have you ever seen a couple out on a date and they’re both on their phones? I’m always hoping they are so enamored with each other that they’re texting sweet nothings from across the table. Or possibly, they’re texting their friends about how lame the date is.

Anyway, enjoy the video. Here’s one of my favorite parts of the song:

Let’s get off line
And grab some food
I’ll yelp the nearest place that has the best reviews
This place sounds good
UrbanSpoon Agrees
And this Groupon gets us an appetizer for free


  • Anonymous

    LOL! The other night, when out to dinner with my husband, I started checking my email. He then texted me with “You’re not paying attention to me!” EEK.

  • Janett Brown

    I even saw conversations of family members telling each others to do things, like washing the  dishing, on facebook. I mean they are in the same house. They could have just knocked on the room’s door and tell each other what to do.

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