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Setting Up Your Blog To Work With Brands


We know that Moms “like” brands on Facebook, but how will the brands find your blog? You’ve set up your blog and now you want to start working with brands. It isn’t as simple as, “if you build it, they will come.”

I’m going to assume that you have your blog set up and you have been blogging long enough to have content on your blog. You may not have found your niche, but you should have an idea of what topics you are most passionate about.

1. About Me Page. This page is a must if you want to work with brands. Make your About Me page unique to you. Smashing Magazine has a great post with examples of unique About Me pages.

2. Contact Information. This seems obvious, but so often I find a blog I love and I want to contact the blogger and I can’t find their contact information. If you are uncomfortable putting your email on your blog, add a contact form page. Links to your Twitter and Facebook page should be included also.

3. Review and/or Brand Posts. You do not need to be working with brands to write about brands. If there is a brand you are passionate about and want to work with, then start writing about the brand in a natural way. Brands want to work with bloggers who are already passionate about their products. If you use their products, you will be able to write about why the product improves your life.

4. Media Page and/or Media Kit. You do not need to put all your stats and advertising rates on your blog, but you should make it easy for PR or brands to request the information. Here are some resources to help you write your media kit.

5. Highlight Your Top Posts. Add your top posts to your sidebar. This will help both new readers and brands find the posts that are most popular on your blog.

6. Pictures. Be sure you have lots of pictures on your blog. Pictures make your blog more interesting and fun. You want to be able to highlight brands in the best way possible and pictures can tell a great story.

7. Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. You may have the best content on the Internet, but if no one can find it, then it is useless. You don’t need to write for search engines, but think about what words you would use if you were looking for the information you are writing about. Research keywords before writing your posts. Good SEO can be achieved while keeping your posts interesting.

Even if you have all 7 on your blog, you will need to do some leg work. Pitch the brands yourself if they are not finding you. Attending a conference is a great way to meet up with many brands in person.

What tips do you have for finding brands to work with?


  • Julie Bonner

    Great post Michelle! When I started a new blog a little over a year ago, I sent a lot of pitches. And it wasn’t just a form letter. It was personal to let them know I already knew about their brand, but was interested in their new products. You’re right about doing some leg work up front! It definitely pays off in the end.

  • Helen

    try using a resource site like http://www.blog-match.com to get in front of the brands you love

  • SEO Marketing

    Just well allocate! I’ve found so many different views. I would recommend that views are very applicable mate. I love this opportunity to make an easy goal. Thanks for your excellent opinion. 🙂

  • Milestonemg

    This was a fantastic read. Thanks for your insight. I’m working on seo for my blog and number 7 on the list really helped me out.


  • kusum Ambardar

    An amazing journey through words of your great post Michelle! When. I started a new blog 6 months ago.Now I know the path.Thanks.

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