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Game On! Facebook Launches New Gaming Features


It’s game on for Facebook who in the midst of Google+ announcing their new games, unveiled some new gaming features of their own. This little back and forth between Google+ and Facebook is getting fun isn’t it?

Facebook’s new gaming features include the Game Ticker, where you’ll see a separate column on the right hand side that includes your friends’ game activity, scores and achievements. Just click on a Game Ticker story and it will take you directly to that game, making the whole experience very social oriented.

They also introduced a bigger screen for game play. Games such as CityVille and Zoo World can now be expanded to a full screen.

Another feature includes bookmarking your favorite games. If you are an active Facebook gamer, you can now keep the best ones at the top for easy access. They’ve made it super easy for you to edit, rearrange or delete the games in your bookmark.

It’s hard to compare Facebook’s games to Google+ games since most of us don’t have access to Google’s yet. If you have had the chance to play the new Google+ games, let us know your thoughts.


  • Brian Johnson

    I think this is such a great move by Facebook. With Google entering the same gaming industry as Facebook with its Google + games, then Facebook definitely must step up its game and add new features to its platform if Facebook doesn’t want its users to migrate to Google + in the future. I like that “Game Ticker” feature, making our experience of playing Facebook game more social than before. My sister actually used to love playing The Sims on Facebook, but she’s not active right now because she’s already got her smartphone. 😀

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