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Summify Introduces a New, Clean Design


Summify is a mobile app that creates a daily summary of the most relevant news stories, from all of your social networks, and delivers it you by email, web or mobile. They’ve passed the 2 billion aggregated story mark, so they decided it might be time for a new design.

Their new design is simple, fresh and clean, with more pictures and Instapaper.

Here’s a brief description of some of the features and updates:

  • Profile Picture – visitors can now see who is behind each Summary. The picture is pulled from your Twitter or Facebook account
  • About Me – give people a taste of who you are in a few more words than Twitter. (200 character max) Found underneath your name
  • Accounts – easily view a Summifyer’s social accounts. Found to the right of their bio
  • More Summaries – under each profile picture, you will find buttons to previous and more recent summaries from that user.
  • Your News – headlines and excerpts now appear on top of each story’s image, contributors now appear on the right side of each story, filters have not changed, and share buttons are placed underneath each story, on the right side

The email summary also has a more simple flow and the social bar now includes a “Summary” tab.

For those of you who use Summify, what are your thoughts on the changes?


  • Robin Campbell

    Thanks for a great article Julie! We’ve been excited about the new design for a while now, so it feels nice to have it released. Many of our continuous improvements are due to receiving great feedback from Summifyers. As always, we’re eager to hear what everyone thinks. Drop us a line on twitter @summify:twitter or send an email to team(at)summify(dot)com – we love to hear from you!

    We also just created a new FAQ section found at: http://summify.com/FAQ and we’re inviting everyone to help us fill it in :)RobinCommunity GuySummify – Social News Summary

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