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Teacher Who Called Students “Lazy Whiners” On Blog Has Legal Right to Return to Class


Natalie Munroe

Natalie Munroe, an English teacher at a Philadelphia high school, was suspended after officials found out about her blog where she referred to her students as “disengaged, lazy whiners” and “frightfully dim”.

Her students discovered her blog and posted it all over their social media sites. Although she wrote under another name, her post entitled “Where Are We Going & Why Are We in This Handbasket”, included her picture. Given the power of social media, it didn’t take long for school officials to find out about the blog and Munroe was suspended.

She has now been reinstated as a teacher, because legally, she has a right to her job. The principal of the high school told the Philadelphia Inquirer that around 60 students have requested to not be put in Munroe’s 11th grade English and Debate classes.

Will she return to the school where it obviously seems like most students do not want her there? Her lawyer said she is not commenting at this time, but did say she prefers to work at another school.

This goes back to the post I wrote the other day “Do You Think Teachers Should Blog?“. How do teachers blog without crossing lines like Munroe did?



  • @steveplunkett

    When you are teaching young minds and you insult them, why do you expect them to listen?

  • @steveplunkett

    yay! she won her court case…
    BOO!! she’s violated the trust of her students.. time to pick a new job.

  • Black Seo Guy

    The is the sad rule of what we call freedom of speech..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • redclarice

    She didn’t name names so she didn’t violate anything. Goodness, most high school kids are dim witted whiners. Unfortunately, parents are also raising them to be so completely separated from reality that instead of examining their behavior when faced with such words, they instead whine and complain. Instead of making their lives better and more productive they try to ruin someone else’s. They got a bitter dose of a good look in the mirror and tried to paint over it.
    Maybe more teachers should tell these little sniveling brats the truth.

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