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Google is Actively Working on Bringing Realtime Search Back


In July, Google took down their Realtime Search when they could not come to an agreement with Twitter in regards to access to the company’s data. Realtime Search was Google’s way of delivering relevant information, such as breaking news and major world events. Without Twitter, they said “the value the product was providing was not enough”.

During a panel discussion in Mountain View, California, Google fellow Amit Singhal said they are “actively working” on bringing back Realtime Search which will include data from Google+. It seems they think the Realtime Search can be just as powerful and relevant without Twitter results, since the deal has expired and doesn’t seem to be coming back.

When the panel was asked why the Google+ stream doesn’t have its own search engine, the response was “we are on it”.

Do you think Google’s Realtime Search can deliver enough relevant information without Twitter’s stream involved?


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