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Instagram Reaches 150 Million Photo Uploads


Instagram made an exciting announcement today. They have just reached a major milestone – 150 million photo uploads. That’s 150 million photos in just 9 months. Amazing!

The service is now seeing 1.3 million photos uploaded each day, which they say is an average of 15 photos per second. Pictured above is the 150 millionth photo uploaded by @janefot.

From their blog:

We’re constantly amazed by the range of photos shared on Instagram. People use Instagram to snap photos of everyday moments with friends and family and also to document significant personal moments, like weddings and honeymoons. There are Instagram photos from major events like the World Series and the Grammys, and some Instagram photos have even made the national news. Artists and celebrities have begun to give fans a unique look into their lives through photos, while brands like Burberry have started to realize the power of communicating with their followers through images.

This app is continually in Apple’s Top 25 “Free Apps”.

Congratulations to Instagram! See some of their favorite photo uploads here.


  • Black Seo Guy

    To my surprise this is my first time hearing about them..I might give them a try.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

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