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BlogWorld Welcomes Lara Kulpa as Our New Community Manager


I’m pleased  to announce Lara Kulpa has been hired as BlogWorld’s new community manager.  Actually, “pleased” might be the wrong word, here. I’m thrilled to welcome Lara to our team. I’m going to give you our reasons for loving Lara in a minute, but first, I want to express our thanks to everyone who applied for the community manager gig. We were overwhelmed with applicants and it was a very difficult choice for us. Choosing among so many qualified people is a challenge, indeed.

We’re confident Lara Kulpa is the right person for the job. She has a terrific resume including being the long time community manager for ProBlogger, Editor for TwitTip, and formerly handling campaigns for Country Time and Kraft Foods, and, believe it or not, Lara was also a community manager for Neopets.  On a personal note, Lara worked for me for several years helping me with the technical end of my former blog network.  Unlike me, Lara is NOT technically challenged.

We think interacting with our community is part of everyone’s job here at BlogWorld  and we are all active across the social networks and blogosphere. However, the BlogWorld community is growing by leaps and bounds and the truth is we need someone dedicated full time to our evangelism and outreach efforts.  With Lara’s help we’ll be able to maintain the personal nature this community began with as it grows. Not only will Lara be interacting with our community via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, our blog, forum, and other social networks, but Lara will also be attending conferences to spend time with the bloggers, podcasters  and other content creators who make up our community.

Having attended every BlogWorld show, Lara has been a part of the BlogWorld community and family from the very beginning. We’re very excited about having Lara on our team, and we know you’ll love her like we do. Please join me in officially welcoming her now to the BlogWorld team.




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