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You Can Now List Your Unborn Child as Family on Facebook


Back in 2010, Facebook unveiled the feature where you could list people as family on your Facebook profile. And now you can easily let everyone know you are expecting with their new “Expected: Child” option. You can add the due date and baby’s name if you’d like.

A Facebook spokesperson told CNN, “We’re always testing new features. Earlier this year, Facebook started providing the option to add an ‘Expected: Child’ as a way for users to more accurately express their identity.”

Oddly enough, the option has been there for awhile, but no one picked up on it until this week.

Some are asking if this new option is weird or if it makes the personal part of telling everyone you’re expecting, impersonal.

The Mommy Files says, “Women used to pick up the phone to share their exciting news with parents, aunts and uncles, and close friends. They’d slowly spread the word as they bumped into friends at the grocery store or at the park. They’d map out when to alert co-workers. When you’re pregnant, it’s fun to tell people in person and receive congratulatory hugs.”

Some are also saying this new feature could potentially cause problems. For example, what if you announce your pregnancy, forgetting you didn’t want your employer to know yet? Or, what if you have a miscarriage? It’s hard enough telling those close to you that you’ve just lost a baby and now you have to let all of your FB “friends” know?

One blogger wrote, “A pregnancy that doesn’t work out is much sadder than a relationship that doesn’t work out. The risk of a situation involving possibly hundreds of ‘friends’ knowing details that turned out to be too tragic or personal to share is very great”.

So, what do you think about this new option? Are there potential pitfalls?



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