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Foursquare to Roll Out New Pages Feature This Week


According to AdAge, Foursquare will roll out a new pages feature this week where anyone, not just brands, can create a page. As of now, only brands can create a page where users can follow them and see “tips” that are left.

Starting this week sometime, everyone – from brands to the average citizen – can create a page and leave tips for others to follow.

Foursquare’s product manager, Noah Weiss, says “We’re seeing 70 new brand page sign-ups a week with the old system. When we launch this, anyone will be able to create a brand page that can be followed.”

This new feature will allow users to develop a connection with people on Foursquare, without having to reveal where their location is. This will also encourage users to do more writing by leaving tips on the locations they visit. They are hoping this additional content will add more value to the app.

Another important change is the ease of signups for pages. The 75 person Foursquare company had been approving accounts through a hand-written process, but now with the new feature, it’s done completely online. The new process only requires a Twitter account to authenticate.

Will you use the new Pages feature to create your own page on Foursquare?



  • Black Seo Guy

    I admit I haven’t used that site often but I might start using it now though.

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