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Do You Think Teachers Should Blog?


For a teacher, writing a blog can be very tricky. You can’t openly write about your students or there will be repercussions from parents. You can’t openly write about the staff or, well, you could get fired. So, should teachers blog and if so, how?

In this article, Amy Dominello says that teachers can and should blog so they can “build awareness about issues, share information and best practices with one another and bring about systemic change in education”.

But how do you blog without crossing any lines? Here are a few guidelines that were given during a panel at the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Conference.

  • Blog as a group with other teachers
  • Make sure your boss is aware of your blog
  • Write about stories from other districts
  • Approach blogging as if it were a sermon, meaning focus on one point

Are you a teacher and do you blog? If so, what kinds of guidelines do you set for yourself and do you have advice for other teachers wanting to start a blog?


  • Thomas Waters

    I found this post really disappointing. Teachers, like anyone else get in trouble blogging if and when the blog is nothing more than a personal diary or a way to vent. Teachers are however, professionals, and if they blog as a professional, their blog can be useful to others as well as to themselves.

    Teacher’s blogs like any other type of blog needs to have a focus and a purpose to build a readership. Is it a blog for other teachers- a way to share ideas, best practices, and pedagogy? Is it a blog that talks about the role of Education and the challenges faced in Public Education? Is the purpose of the blog to share information and model for the students the importance of good communication or share about subject matter?

    Teachers will get into no more trouble than any other type of blogger, if they treat the blog as a professional communication product rather than as a personal soap box for complaining about their work place.

  • Black Seo Guy

    Yea..they are smart people and should have the option of being online..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • Allison Boyer

    You know, it’s a REALLY tricky question because there are actually laws about sharing anything regarding your students. When I worked as a day care teacher, I had to be super careful about mentioning my work at all. Even stuff that seems innocent and non-identifying can lead to trouble, especially since a lot of parents like to witch hunt. I do think teachers have tons of valuable information to share, but I don’t envy them for having to be so careful with what they say.

  • Amera Khanam

    I have few blogs, among which one blog is about ‘learning’ or teaching and it is created just to share the information I search online or find useful as a parent or teacher. 

  • Vchernek2212

    Interesting debate.  Hundreds of superstar teachers who are proud and passionate about their authentic and creative lesson plans are now blogging, sharing, selling their original works and stimulating like-minded teachers who are looking for new ideas and ways to teach in a digital world.  Check out Teachers Blog Addict.  http://teachingblogexpo.com/index.php

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