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President Barack Obama and Staff Use Twitter for #Compromise Campaign


The negotiations over raising the U.S. debt ceiling continue, as I am sure you are all well aware of. President Barack Obama and his staff are utilizing the power of Twitter to get a clear message out – we need #Compromise.

Earlier in the day, the President tweeted on his official Twitter page “The time for putting party first is over. If you want to see a bipartisan #compromise, let Congress know. Call. Email. Tweet. —BO”

The next tweet said, “You heard the President. So here’s what we’re doing: throughout the day we’ll post the Twitter handles of GOP lawmakers in each state.”

So now his staff is posting Twitter handles of GOP lawmakers in each state, giving Twitter users the opportunity to voice their opinions. Let’s pray Twitter doesn’t blow up, shall we? When the President asked citizens last week to contact their representatives, the capitol’s websites went down.

Are you participating in this historical Twitter event?


  • Kirpal Singh singh

    Dear Madam/sir –   I am Indian and whatever I listened through the media is -that USA is passing through some sort of economic crisis.  President Obama is so respectful person that I have nothing to add more words in this regard.   Economic crisis are accumulation of  previous rulers of the USA.  For reformation more time is required.  So people will have to make patience.  There are many reasons for the crisis and to  write that is not desirable from my side.   These are my views and if  it indicates something wrong I may be forgiven.  Since it came to my blog that is why I am commenting.
    Kirpal Singh

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