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Doodle with Doodle.ly and Share It with the World


We take pictures and share them on Twitter and Facebook. We update our statuses or timelines to let every one know what we’re up to. We all love to express ourselves. But what if we want to just doodle and share it with the world? Now you can.

Doodle.ly is a new website that lets you doodle anything your heart desires and then share it on Twitter or Facebook. I shared my doodle on Twitter. I also took a screen capture so I could share it with you. I know. That was nice of me.

And no, my 7 year old didn’t draw this. I am fairly certain he would have done a better job than me.

Doodle.ly is very easy to use and quite a lot of fun. Just head over to the website, choose your favorite writing instrument (pencil, sharpie, ink pen) and doodle. Once you’re done, add a title and click “Publish My Doodle”. You can choose to share it on either Twitter or Facebook.

As of now it’s web based, but I read it’s headed to the iPhone and iPad.

Now, go draw me a picture and share it on Twitter!

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