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Android is Top Operating System in the U.S.


Nielsen released news today that Google’s Android operating system is the largest smartphone system in the United States. Android has the largest share with 39%, followed by Apple with 28% and RIM with 20%.

Apple still holds the title of top smartphone manufacturer in the United States, with HTC, Samsung and Motorola following behind.

Nielsen put out a similar report in March stating that Android was at the top, so this isn’t new news about them grabbing a top spot from someone, but rather an update that they’re still numero uno. Although it’s share is bigger now than the March report stated, which was at 29%.

Here’s a visual from Nielson which gives you an idea of the current standings.

So tell us – what operating system and smartphone do you use? I use the Android operating system on my tablet and so far love it. As for my smartphone purchase, I used to own a Blackberry and am carefully considering what my next purchase should be. Any advice on what I should choose?


  • Susan Horton

    My last phone was a Blackberry Storm and it dropped calls like crazy.
    I had a warranty and swapped it in 3 times and all of them were just as bad as the first. That’s not a good thing for a real estate agent. Then I got a new Droid X
    and I just adore the thing! It is so reliable and convenient. I plan to keep buying the same type of phone for as long as they are built with the same high standards.

  • Brian Johnson

    I’m personally amazed to see how Android can reach the top position of world’s mobile OS market share so fast like this. This information was reported back in 2011. And last i heard, Android already gained almost 80% of the market share worldwide. That’s just insane. I believe the rise of Android OS next year will be even crazier than today. Maybe Android could command more than 80% of market share by the end of next year. But hopefully, the entire Android device manufacturers will improve the quality of their products to be much better than before. It doesn’t matter if their devices are low-end or mid-end, the most importantly is that, these Android products as a whole will have at least pretty good quality, if not really good.

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