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Google+ Traffic Down Last Week


We knew we would see this coming right?

Google+ grew at such an intense rate (10 million) and it’s all anyone talked about for days. According to Experian Hitwise, Google+ traffic is down and people are spending less time on the site. (I know I am.)

Total Google+ visits fell 3 percent to 1.79 million in the U.S. The average time on the site also fell 10 percent to 5 minutes and 15 seconds.

A rep for Hitwise said this wasn’t a huge drop. These numbers only cover the U.S. and it makes us wonder if other countries are seeing the same trend.

It was just last week comScore reported that Google+ had reached 20 million users. We even saw people completely close their Facebook accounts and move over to Google+. I wonder if they’re lonely?

What are your thoughts on this drop in visits to Google+? Do you think it was just a cool new thing to do but now the coolness factor has worn off a bit?

Update: Check out this statement made by Google stating why this data may not be telling the whole story.


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