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A New Way to Share Images with mrror.com


A super easy new way to share photos from your webcam was released today. It’s called mrror and I’ve been playing around with it a little this morning.

Mrror gives you a quick way to posts photos to your blog or social media streams. You can also send a quick photo via email or IM. They say you’re only two clicks away from sharing a photo from your webcam and they aren’t kidding. Here’s a picture of me and my dog D’art that I took.

Just click the camera to take your picture and down at the bottom, there are several buttons to click on. You can choose from Twitter, Facebook, tumblr and the download button for quick saving to your computer. There’s also a link button which allows you to share links to your webcam photos.

After snapping the photo above, I shared it on Twitter with one click, as well as downloaded it to my computer.

Mrror also allows your webcam to be used as a mirror, a handy tool when time-crunched between meetings or video calls.

Can you think of ways you would use mrror.com either for blogging or social media?

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