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Wajam Adds Google+ Social Search


Wajam, a browser extension that lets you access your friends’ knowledge when you need it, has added Google+ to its social search. Before, you could see results from your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Now you can add to that list your Google+ circles.

Here’s what you can do as of today with Wajam and Google+ as listed on their blog:

  • Connect your Google+ profile to Wajam and store the links that your friends have shared
  • View Google+ content directly in your favorite search engine like Google or Bing
  • View relevant search results wherever you go online, such as popular sites like Amazon, Wikipedia, TripAdvisor with the Wajam Everywhere tool bar.

You can now see  posts, links, photos and videos that your Google+ circles share and right when you need it. To start using Google+ social search, simply connect your Google+ account here.



  • Anonymous

    Thanks Julie! What we’re doing is very hard technologically and we’re lucky to have a team made up of people who are among the best at what they do. We’re committed to bringing you the best in social search
     Google+ integration and Wajam Everywhere are just the beginning- our goal is to make your collective/social knowledge portable, so that you can get your friends’ recommendations when you need it most.
    Stay tuned for more breaking news in social search 🙂

    Alain Wong
    community manager at Wajam

  • Julie Bonner

    Alain, You’re welcome! Can’t wait to hear what else you have up your sleeve.

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